Shen’s Garden Scenic Area is a national 5A scenic area, a cultural relic under provincial protection and a famous garden in Shaoxing. After three rounds of elaborate construction, the garden has been expanded with land area of 57mu and include threes separated and characteristic parts, i.e. Historic Site Area, East Garden and South Garden

I. Opening hours in daytime: 8: 00——17: 00 Ticketing Time: 8:00——16: 40

Opening hours at nighttime: 18:30——21: 00 Ticketing Time: 18:20——21: 00

II Tips for Charged Tourists:

Buy ticket at ticketing window on site

Types of ticket: Shen’s Garden (daytime):RMB 40 Yuan; Night of Shen’s Garden: RMB 138 Yuan for Type A, RMB 80 Yuan for Type C; RMB 180 Yuan for through ticket of Shaoxing Ancient City; RMB 140 Yuan for Coupon Ticket for Tourism in Shaoxing

Discounted Ticket for Shen’s Garden in Daytime: senior citizens of over 60 and below 70 years old may enjoy half price by showing valid ID; juveniles of between six years old (excluded) to 18 years old (included) and full-time inPidual student of college or below may enjoy half price by showing valid ID; children with height of 1.2-1.5m may enjoy half price.

Discounted Ticket for Night of Shen’s Garden:half price for children with height of between 1.2m-1.5m; discount is only allowed for type C ticket.

Tourists may buy the above tickets at Lu Xun Native Place or at the Ticket Office of Shen’s Garden Scenic Area. Before entering the scenic area, tourists shall have the tickets checked at the entrance passage to the garden. Tourists shall present relevant ID when buying half-price tickets and present the ticket and the relevant ID at the ticket check at the entrance to the Shen’s Garden Scenic Area.

III. Tips for Free Tourists

1. The following tourists may be admitted to Shen’s Garden (day time) for free: Zhejiang Volunteer Blood Donation Honor Certificate holders, military personnel in active service; injured or disabled soldiers, dependants of martyr, dependants of soldiers died on duty, dependants of soldiers died of illness, retired veteran cadres, the disabled, senior citizens of 70 years old or more, teachers of Zhejiang province with teaching experience of 30 years or over; local citizens of Shaoxing (according to Measures for Free Visit to Shen’s Garden Scenic Area for Local Citizens (for Trial Implementation), returned overseas Chinese in Shaoxing by showing relevant ID; children of below six years old (included) by showing household register and other valid ID; Children of below 1.2m (1.2m included); college undergraduates, middle school students and elementary school students in collective visit by showing Letter of Reference (subjected to reservation and confirmation in advance). The above free-ticket tourists shall exchange the ticket at the ticketing window with relevant ID and present the free ticket and relevant ID at the entrance to the garden.

2. Only children with stature of below 1.2m at the company of grown-ups can enjoy free ticket for Night of Shen’s Garden.